Outside Broadcast with Don Broco, Moose Blood and SHVPES!

Over Exposed’s Outside Broadcast unit (OB1) booked for the Sanctum Lock in debut at the Santum Hotel in Soho. This was a fierce day of rocking with the likes of Don Broco, Moose Blood and SHVPES on an intimate and atmospheric set at the legendary Santum Hotel, with appearances from Radio 1’s Daniel P Carter throughout the day. The venue was fantastic and fitted the ambience of the day perfectly. The set was unique and intimate and really created a mood in the room!

So, our Outside Broadcast unit was booked for two days of intense setting up and filming which provided a portable broadcast studio on site in the centre of London. Our Outside Broadcast unit delivered all the necessary equipment, support and expertise required on the day to bring the production together.

Day 1

We arrived on site at Warrick Street off Regents Street, London, to begin setting up and rigging cables from the Outside Broadcast unit down to the basement where the event took place.

This was pretty much a whole day of testing, tweaking and setting up!

Day 1: Testing input from the cameras after rigging.


Powered by coffee, day 1 coming to a close!

Day 2

SHVPES was the first band in the lineup. A few last minute tweaks from us working with the team setting up the set, and we were good to go!

Moose Blood and Don Broco followed SHVPES with a more chilled sets and appearances and links from Daniel P Carter.

Outside Broadcast with Don Broco, Moose Blood and SHVPES!

The day day finished with a bang and some fantastic footage soon to come… watch this space!

For more information on the Sanctum Look in, up-coming events and footage from the day please head over to the Sanctum Lock in Channel Page.

To book Over Exposed’s Outside Broadcast units (OB1, OB2) speak to one of our team. For more information please see our OB/ Flyaway / Livestream page here.