Let’s Go with GoPro Hire

So I’m guessing pretty much anybody reading this post will know of, or at least heard of a GoPro. Nearly all the amazingly insane mountain biking trails, free dives, parachute jumps, deep water shark encounters, base jumps…. you’ve seen on YouTube will have been filmed with one! Well, you can now come to Over Exposed for GoPro hire!

And this is for a very good reason. You may also know how versatile they are.  A GoPro will basically film anywhere and anytime you want it to.

Let's Go with GoPro Hire Over Exposed
4 Shiny New GoPro’s!

Therefore, here at Over Exposed, we’ve decided to add not 1, not 2 but 4 GoPro’s to our kit list today. And what’s more… we’ve put them in a nifty little case which doesn’t only look great keeps everything in one place!

Let's Go with GoPro Hire Over Exposed
Prepped and ready to go!

That is all! If you’re feeling inspired and fancy taking our GoPro’s for a spin, get in touch with our team and ask about GoPro hire, or click here to learn more!

For more information on GoPro’s from the manufacturer, follow this link.

GoPro hire has never been simpler!