Over Exposed can also provide Flyaway and PPU Services for your Outside Broadcast, Live Stream or Event.

These are effectively outside broadcast units split into flight cases that can be placed into venues or taken places the full OB Truck can’t. One common for a flyaway is for venues where there isn’t the parking available for the Outside Broadcast Unit so the whole set up has to be rigged inside the venue. Our PPU fly away kits are modular so can be as compact or complex as needed for the job at hand, making them cost effective solution for your live broadcast or event recording.

The tech gurus here at Over Exposed are experts in flyaway system design and facilities provision. We can provide everything you need to get you from multi-camera acquisition for 2-16 cameras to live broadcast and/or line cut. We regularly provide PPU facilities for music event recordings in HD and 4K as well as indoor sporting events and awards shows for broadcast. Our modular flyaway systems are equally at home with studio/OB style “racked” cameras for sports and awards shows or cinematic cameras such as the Sony F5 and Arri Amira for music and other special events.

Our custom EDL creation hardware syncs with the timecode of your recordings and allows you to instantly rebuild the live directors cut in editing software from the individual iso recordings of each camera. Our clients have found this to be massively useful is speeding up post production of events, allowing quick tweeks of the live cut and conforming the show to the correct length without noticeable edits. Another use of this is, using the cinema cameras, being able to have a HD broadcast spec output for live transmission or screens whilst also being able record and have available 4K Log version of the same cut for later editing, colour grading and archive.

Get in touch with details of your project and we’ll be happy to discuss the available options and get a flyaway PPU system that is right for you. Cameras, Vision Mix, Sound, Talkback, Record, Broadcast or Live Streaming, it’s a pick and mix way of working that makes flyaway PPUs a practical cost effective solution.

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