Over Exposed is a London based Live Streaming and Webcasting Company and we love what we do. Live streaming and webcasting is an area that is growing rapidly with the news that people spend more time online than watching TV and the abundance of connected devices around the house. There is a new way to reach your audience and that’s live online streamed video.

Over Exposed can provide all the live streaming services, facilities and expertise you need to complete a successful live stream with everything from capture to viewer. The same skills and equipment go in to producing successful live streams as do with our traditional outside broadcasts or flyaway systems for Television and Broadcast. The only difference is the transmission and viewing methods.

Transmission and delivery via the internet provides its own technical challenges and here at Over Exposed we are experienced with overcoming these challenges. We have dedicated encoders to deliver the video to any of the major viewing platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, UStream, LiveStream, your own website. We can also provide dedicated Satellite internet connections via the broadcast spec Ka Sat networks or bonded cellular connection. Where ever you want to live stream from, be it a central London or the middle of Africa we can make it work.

We are not just a simple live streaming company, with our footing in broadcast television you can be assured the skills and equipment we supply are broadcast quality. This however isn’t just another word for expensive! We have gone to great lengths to make all our live streaming systems, modular and flexible meaning we can provide cost effective solutions which give you TV quality at an internet price.

Drop us a line to discuss your next stream and see what Over Exposed can do for you.


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