UEFA – EURO 2016 – Team Wales

Uefa/IMG are a big client of ours and we work together very closely throughout the year. Just before christmas we got an email asking us if we had any crew availiable to go out to work on the Euros. Naturally the answer was instantly a yes…! Several months later Russell Martin our MD/Lighting Camera Operator flew out to Paris to the IBC to meet with the guys at UEFA and IMG to discuss what the plan was for the tournament.

Russell was tasked with whats called a “Team Role” which means following one of the teams around the tournament shooting all of the interviews, features, promo material, training and press conferences for international distribution to all of the rights holders. He was tasked with following round team Wales for the duration of the tournament who’s training camp was based in Brittany in France in a small town called Dinard.

The kit list for this job was:

  • Sony FS7, Sachtler V20 & Prime Lens Kit
  • HJ24 & CJ12 (Brand new canon lenses to replace the HJ22/HJ14)
  • 3 X Kino Flo Celebs
  • 3 X Lightpanel Astras
  • 3  150W Dedos
  • 416, ME66, RE50, ECM77B & Sony Radio Mic Kit

Which was all packed up into a huge pile of peli’s.

Whilst out here one of the tasks was to shoot all of the promo content which is used to cut features by UEFA and the international broadcasters. The idea for the shoot pictured below was to hang a number of photos of the tournament along a line held up with pegs. Doesn’t sound like much but when shot at 150fps, dedo lights blasting down the lens and flaring in the background and the subject dramatically lit with the light panel astra the results are amazing.

In the final edit as the player talks about the moment in the game the client used the b roll shot using the methods above to paint the interview.