Lexar Professional 2933 XQD 2.0: Not Exciting but Necessary!

Another trip to the camera store has seen us come away with a set of new Lexar Professional 2933 XQD 2.0 128 GB memory cards. Not the most exciting purchase, but definitely necessary!

The Lexar Professional 2933 XQD 2.0 is a high speed, performance card with a read transfer speed of up to 2933x or 440 mb/s. This enables the card to capture and records 4K video and stunning high resolution images. Another handy feature is the ability for high speed file transfer from card to computer which certainly speeds up workflow a tad!

And last but not least, the card is completely versatile and resilient to the odd splash of water, shock/ vibrations and pretty much anything else you want to throw at it.

Additionally, the card comes complete with software from Lexar called Image Rescue®. This is designed to restore/recover most photo files and select video files.

The Lexar Professional 2933 XQD 2.0 is now available to hire here at Over Exposed. To check out the kit page click here.

For more information on the The Lexar Professional 2933 XQD 2.0, click here!