Robbie Williams – 5 Camera Outside Broadcast

When the phone rang and we were asked to provide the line cut record for Robbie Williams we were over the moon. After our initial meeting with the client we were made aware that we would providing facilities a line cut using 5 x Canon C300’s at a fantastic intimate venue Under the Bridge which is at Chelsea Football Club.  The gig was fairly close to Christmas and the show needed to be turned around an remastered in an incredibly fast turn around time which wouldn’t be possible if all the rushes had to go to edit.

We had a chat with our client and mentioned that we have a great bit of kit that can create an EDL (Edit decision List) of the day using the timecode of the directors button pushes. This means that when the clips are put into the edit you have a full multi camera timeline of the days recording which can then be tweaked for the final export.  Having the EDL has saved our clients a whole two days in edit and allowed them to get the gig turned round and exported within 24 hours which was a huge time saving as well as cost effective solution.

Job Details:

  • 5 X Canon C300’s
  • 5 X Custom Made Fibre Backs
  • 3 Standard & 2 Long Lenses
  • 1 X 8ft Track