Dan TDM – 10 Camera Outside Broadcast

We were delighted when we were asked by Endemol to look after the Outside Broadcast facilities for the DVD recording of Youtube star Dan TDM. At first when they called we had no idea who Dan was, but after a quick google we came to realise that he’s a teenager creating Minecraft videos turning over hundreds and thousand of pounds a year. The DVD Record would be of his live show which ends at the Hammersmith Apollo.

Hammersmith Apollo is a great venue and we were thrilled to be able to rig up or kit in the venue. One of the main issues that were bought up on in the technical meetings is that we would only have 5 hours to be ready to record from being allowed to enter the venue. This was due to a show being on the night before and loading restrictions in and out of the venue. Out Outside Broadcast trucks are owned by us and the kit we need to hire in is minimal. Being able to rig up the truck the day before the event was a massive benefit and allowed us to overcome the tight loading times.

We decided to shoot on the Sony 2500 Camera Channels as they are all fully painted and fantastic industry leading cameras which can take a B4 mount lens. We also decided to stick on 4 Canon 96x box lenses for some great close up shots as well as a Jib with HJ14 attached for beautiful sweeping wides. Above you should see our plan of the venue and the locations we decided to put the cameras.

Job Specs

  • 10 x HDC2500 Camera Channels
  • 4 x 96x Box Lenses
  • 2 x HJ14
  • 4 x HJ22
  • 1 X Jib
  • 10 X ISO Records
  • 2 X Line Cut Records