LiveU LU800 Hire


Hire the LiveU LU800 from Over Exposed with full technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

An industry-first

The LU800 combines multi-camera production and mission-critical transmission with superior video and audio capabilities in a native 5G unit. As reliable as satellite/fiber, the LU800 offers a highly cost-effective solution for complex remote productions.

One unit — 4 cameras

Up to four high-res, fully frame-synced feeds from a single portable unit. The LU800 can be turned into a multi-cam unit at any given time with the PRO2/PRO4 multi-cam license.

Native 5G transmission ensuring best-in-class video quality and reliability with the lowest latency. Improved antenna performance and global compatibility for all cellular wireless frequencies, including sub 6GHz 5G & LTE.

Unparalleled reliability with up to 8 internal 5G/4G dual SIM modems.

Powerful IP bonding

The LU800 bonds up to 14 connections with up to eight 5G/4G internal dual SIM modems; supporting up to 70Mbps, based on LiveU’s award-winning, patented HEVC technology.

Rich remote production tools

Make your production more efficient with our remote production tools, seamlessly integrated with the LU800 to ensure the most professionally-produced live broadcasts.

Ensure professionally-produced and smoothly-run live broadcasts from anywhere. LiveU’s Tally Light enables field reporters and camera operators to know instantly when they’re live on air.

Get content back to the studio without worrying about slow internet speeds. Easily upload edited files directly from your laptop to the station using the LU800 high speed bonded file transfer.

Extremely rugged design with smaller, more accessible backpack

The LU800 comes with a smaller, more accessible backpack with an ergonomic multi-functional design. Constructed with lightweight, robust aluminum alloy with soft rubber edges for better shock absorption in rough environments, the unit is fail-safe in any location or situation.

Car Cradle for easy mounting inside a vehicle with quick-connect external roof antenna. The unit can be powered and charged directly from the Car Cradle, ensuring it is always ready to go away from a vehicle when needed.


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