The Great Escape

In May 2018 we were asked to provide a 5 Camera Outside Broadcast to The Box to cover a music festival in Brighton called “The Great Escape”.

OB1 was sent down to Brighton equipped with a 5 camera digital cinema setup to record the event for a fast turnaround edit.  For this job custom made fibre boxes were ran into the venue to bring the feeds from the FS7’s back to the truck.

Whats unique about this job is due to the tight turn around time the client wanted to walk away at the end of the day with as close to as finished product as possible with only minor changes needed in post.

The director performed a line cut on the day and our custom made logging software recorded the timecodes of his cuts creating an EDL to be used in Premier Pro.  All 5 camera ISO’s were recorded back at the truck with matching timecode to the EDL.

The client then had to import the rushes, open the EDL, make changes and export the project for broadcast.

Cameras for this job were:

Camera 1 – FS7 – Track & Dolly – Canon CN7

Camera 2 – FS7 – Canon 70-200 with 2X

Camera 3 – FS7 – Canon 70-200

Camera 4 – FS7 – Canon 24-70

Camera 5 – FS7 – 24-70

All shooting in CinEI SLOG 3.