Canon PL CN7 Cine-Servo 17-120mm Hire



£900/7 Days

£1575/14 Days


Canon CN7 17-120 hire from just £200/Day.

Since being released this has changed the way we work when using cameras such as the F5/55 with the native PL mounts. Its the go to lens for run and gun/documentary camerawork and the images produced are absolutely stunning. We decided to for this lens rather than the Fujinon 19-90 because of the extra range that this lens offers. Being that little bit longer your able to get that one extra shot that really looks amazing in the edit. Besides that its also compatible with the canon Zoom Demands that have been used on the HJ14/22 e.t.c.. which is dead handy.

  • ENG-Style Zoom, Focus, and Iris Servos
  • For Broadcast or Cinema Shooting Styles
  • 180° Focus Ring with Knurled Grip
  • Double Focus Markings in Feet and Meters
  • Zoom Speed: 0.5 to 300 Seconds
  • Angle of View Shift Suppression
  • Detachable Drive Unit
  • Electronic Lens Mount &12-Pin Connector
  • 11-Blade Aperture Design
  • Covers up to Super 35mm Sized Sensors

Canon CN7 17-120 Hire – Over Exposed LTD