Felloni Bi-colour 1 x 1 LED Panel Hire



£120/7 Days

£210/14 Days


F&V Bi-colour 1 x 1 LED Panel Hire from just £30/Day.

  • 1x Z400S LED Studio Panel
  • 1x Milk Diffusion Filter
  • 4x Quick Release Rods for Milk Diffusion Filter
  • 1x V-Mount or Anton Bauer AC Power Adapter (Respective to customer selection)
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 2x Replacment Fuses

Using F&V’s extremely accurate UltraColor LED lamp system, the Z400 series has a very high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 95. F&V also guarantee that the CRI of each LED will not vary more than +/-100K in colour temperature or +/-1.0 in CRI.

The unit gives a 60-degree beam angle and contains 400 LEDs to give a rich, bright light. For a softer, more glamorous light, a milk diffusion filter is also included, and filters can be stacked thanks to the new snap-on system which means you can mount light modifiers at different angles and even inverted without the worry of them sliding off.

The Z400 panel is equipped with an expansion port to allow installation of the SmartSync Control Circuit (SCC), in addition to the DMX512 module which allows dimming with standard DMX512 dimmer boards. With the SCC you can daisy-chain panels together using CAT5 cables, and they will operate as one collective unit.