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Aputure 300D Hire from just £60/Day.

Optional Accessories:

  • Aputure Light Dome
  • Aputure Fresnel
  • Aputure Space Dome

A professional and robust LED fixture (5500K daylight only) which combines high light output with outstanding light quality based is a rugged and durable construction and is supplied complete with Light Storm LS300D with fresnel lens.   It consumes up to 300W of power while outputting 4451 fc of light with a standard reflector at a distance of 1.6′ and is powerable from mains or twin 12V V-Lock batteries.


LS C300d maintains its incredibly high output and color fidelity without any compromise to weight. Though its output is comparable to that of a 2000W tungsten lamp, the LS C300d weighs less than a quarter of that. Easily held with one hand, the LS C300d weighs just 2.1kg (4.6 lbs) while a 2000W tungsten lamp weighs over 9kg (nearly 20 lbs). The LS C300d also simplifies the once-complicated and heavy process of using light shaping accessories, making it possible to modify your light using just one hand.

Note that this is fan-cooled, and though the fans are described as ‘smart’, which vary the speed depending on temperature and are quiet, they are not silent.

Independent Lighting Controls

The LS C300d is built to give you maximum control over your light. The light’s easy-to-use and intuitive control box allows you to change things like brightness, remote channels and fan speeds. With a control box that is separated from the light’s power ballast, top weight is greatly reduced, allowing for maximum portability.


Mains or Battery Operation

The LS C300d can be powered either via mains, or alternatively on battery requiring 2 x V-Lock batteries, or cineblock batteries.  As the system draws upto 300W of power, it is recommended that you use 2 x 150WH batteries for adequate performance.

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