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Hire the Tiffen Variable ND filter in Various Sizes from just £10/Day.

When out shooting on DSLR or Cine camera using the Canon EF Primes shooting can be a real nightmare when the light changes. Unlike a standard broadcast lens the Canon EF lenses don’t have a manual iris wheel which can be a nightmare as iris changes tend to go up and down in steps rendering your footage un useable.

With the addition of a variable ND you can avoid this. Your able to control 2-8 stops of light making exposure changes seamless.

We have the following sizes in stock: 49, 52, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77 & 82mm which should cover every lens you own.

Please don’t be tempted by the cheaper versions on eBay e.t.c as you’ll tend to get soft pictures or black areas in your footage – make sure you stick with a good brand like Tiffen!

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