Webcasting Services: Webinar Or Webcast?

Webcasting services are what you need when you are planning on hosting a live webcasting stream for the whole world to see. If you are researching such webcasting services, it is likely that you've come across the terms 'webinar' and 'webcast'. But what are the differences between these two services of live streaming content?

In all honesty, not a lot. However the name 'webinar' is derived from seminar: a small, instructive learning session. So if the purpose of a live stream is to educate a group of students (whether academic or not), then this form of webcasting would be a web seminar. A webcast, on the other hand, is a kind of 'catch all' definition that can be used to describe the vast majority of live streams. Webcasting can involve corporate presentations at a media conference; when a company is launching a new product on a live stream; or when an outside broadcast webcast is held for a music festival. So the terms 'live stream', 'webinar' and 'webcast' are all really fairly interchangeable. However, there is one key difference between web seminars and webcasting. Because a web seminar sets out to emulate the seminar formula, this requires some level of interaction between the teacher and the students. Therefore, streaming webinars will often feature Q&As via chat and virtual whiteboards. Webcasting, on the other hand, is more for a large group of viewers – a webcast of an event where a speaker isn't necessarily directly speaking to individual viewers. So if you are a business, you are likely to need a webcast company to provide webcasting solutions.

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