Webcasting London: Service Vs DIY

Webcasting London and UK wide has grown exponentially thanks to the introduction of smartphone technology into the mass market. Now everyone truly has the ability to put out a live stream. However, that also poses a problem: it crowds the market with a lot of sub-par webcasting options. How can you make your organisation's live streaming stand out?

Well, one option would be to hire a professional webcast company. They would work with you to make the best live streaming production available on your budget and it would be much better than anything you could possibly hope to produce on your own. Why? Well, in order to produce a successful webcast, you need to be able to invest in webcasting equipment and have expertise in what defines good live streaming. But how hard could it be? Isn't it just a camera and audio, after all? Successful, professional live streaming requires far more than just one video source; it should include multiple cameras connected to a video switcher and multiple microphones feeding into this switcher from the PA/house switcher. Then you should make sure to have the proper encoder in place: whether it be hardware or software based. Struggling to keep up with this? No problem, you're not alone. As mentioned, that's because in order to put together a successful webcast, you need to have both the experience and equipment to make that happen. So don't risk trying to DIY a webcast of some importance to your organisation; call in a professional outside broadcast London team instead.

Choose a London webcasting team like the one at Over Exposed. We offer our professional webcasting London and UK wide. We have a vast array of equipment and London broadcast experts on hand to ensure that any and every webcast we work on is a resounding success. Join those successes by hiring Over Exposed today. You can reach us in London on 0208 226 4073, by emailing mail@overexposed.tv or by visiting http://overexposed.tv.