The work-horse of cameras. Used on everything from documentary, to corporate, to feature film.


The one-stop-shop of cameras. 4K internally, 120fps, ergonomic design and at an affordable price.

Sony F55

The Sony F55 is the 4K camera of choice for many commercial, feature and broadcast filmmakers. With 14 stops of dynamic range, this camera offers film-like picture quality.


One of our most popular hire cameras, the Sony F5 is used on everything from commercials to feature films to broadcast. With the ability to shoot in 4K and up to 120fps, this camera is hugely versatile. Order with the Canon  12-120 Cine-Servo zoom for the ultimate run-and-gun rig.



F&V 2 x 1 LED Panels are ideal light for many situations where good lighting is key. With accurate colour rendering, adjustable colour temperature and high lux output, the F&V 2 x 1s are ideal for your next shoot