Streaming A Live Event With A Portable Production Unit?

Streaming a live event is a difficult task to do – even for those with experience in video creation. That's because unlike producing on-demand content that can be re-shot or edited to produce a final package, a live stream is the final package. There is no 'B roll' here - it's all live and out there for the public to see.

Event streaming requires a particular set of skills and equipment. Whereas many videos can be shot with one or two cameras from which footage can be later edited, live streaming with multiple cameras requires on-the-spot solutions to switch between different video and audio channels. The solutions here are to use an outside broadcast (OB) unit or to use a portable production unit (PPU, also known as a 'flyaway'). OB units are fully kitted out media vans, but sometimes there just isn't the parking space near enough to a particular location to accommodate such a production hub. In this instance, you need a PPU. These PPUs comes in small flight cases to allow them to be easily carried into a venue. These units allow the recording, broadcasting and live streaming of multiple cameras. That being said, they are incredibly technical to operate. If this is your organisation's first attempt at running a live stream for an event, then it is advisable that you call in the experts. It is possible to find a livestream team with vast broadcast and live streaming experience to come in and capture your event with technical proficiency.

It's what we do at Over Exposed. Our audio-visual specialists can utilise a PPU to its full potential and can even connect anywhere between two to 16 cameras as part of the one live event feed. By choosing to go with Over Exposed, you're professionally streaming a live event. So don't delay and miss out; call us today on 0208 226 4073, contact or visit us online at