Stream Your Event Live? How On Earth Did We Get Here?

Stream your event live is likely what you've been told by many people around you. Just a decade ago, it's very possible that you had never heard of a live stream. But before you are quick to write livestreaming off, it's good to know its surprisingly sprawling history.

Live streaming is built on solid foundations that are actually decades old. While one could consider the original BBC Alexandra Palace broadcasts as the original 'live streams', the first true example happened in 1993 when a band named 'Severe Tire Damage' played a gig at Xerox PARC in California. Scientists there were researching and developing live broadcasting technology for the internet. A year later, the Rolling Stones got wind of the concept and broadcast one of their concerts on the internet. The support act? Severe Tire Damage. Commercially speaking, it was Real Networks that brought live video and event streaming to the business world in 1995. Yet focus soon switched to delivering video on-demand services for another decade and a half – mainly because it was cheaper and easier. Live streaming was viewed as a luxury for massive occasions, such as the launch of video game consoles from Microsoft and Sony. But by 2010, things started to change and there was an explosion of streaming software. Nowadays, even TV is commonly streamed over the internet. Like video on-demand during the early 2000s, live streaming has become cheap and easy – even outside broadcast of an event is possible on a smartphone. So don't be afraid of investing in live streams – they are commercially viable and here to stay.

But good quality live streams require good investment. If you want to stream your event live, always work with production professionals like the audio-visual specialists at Over Exposed. We will work with your organisation to produce a high-quality live stream that will truly capture your online audience. For more, visit, call 0208 226 4073 or contact