Stream Live Events On Facebook Live: Potential Problems

Stream live events is something that many organisations look to do today as a way of advertising products or services, or as a way of giving people the chance to see an event that they weren't able to attend. Facebook Live is a relatively new platform in the streaming market, but it has proven to be very popular and accessible.

However, you can still run into problems on this platform when event streaming on Facebook Live. One such common problem arises when the audio on a live stream begins to skip. This problem can lead to a horrible user experience that will turn off viewers very fast. It happens when either the video stream is received by Facebook with audio that is distorted, or when the audio is not being transmitted and encoded as fast as the video. This error can occur if a bit rate is too high above that which the local internet connection can maintain. This can result in packet loss and, therefore, incomplete audio. Another issue is when video and audio becomes out of sync. In this instance, it could be because of limited bandwidth. It can also come from bad recording practices or through poor quality encoding hardware. So, in order to avoid any embarrassing mishaps on your live stream, it can be a good idea to look at hiring professional live stream specialists. This is particularly true of dealing with an outdoor event that would require an outside broadcast (OB) unit.

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