Outside Broadcast Unit: Is It Affordable?

Outside broadcast unit is something that you may have come across in your research when looking to find out about how to properly put together a livestream of an outdoor event. Also known as an OB unit, an outside broadcasting unit allows a production team to easily put together a multi-camera, multi-cast stream.

But for many small-to-medium businesses or organisations on a tight budget, it can be difficult to see how such productions can be affordable. While livestreams by the masses are now possible thanks to accessible technology, many organisations want to offer a more professional stream that looks like it has been made by broadcast professionals. After all, do you really want your potential audience, stakeholders or customers to see the fingertips of your 'camera-person'? For that reason, you need an experienced production team to achieve proper HD video, audio and stream quality. An outside broadcast (OB) unit allows a production team to work from a mobile production van that can be easily manoeuvred. This allows the audio, video and networking specialists to produce quality content anywhere and everywhere – broadcast or otherwise. It is now possible to rent such units, services and teams of specialists for a day event at a reasonable cost. Now it's possible for smaller sporting events or festivals to even reach out to an audience in a manner that is affordable and doesn't require costly traditional broadcasting. But there are still choices to be made, such as which outside broadcast companies do you work with?

At Over Exposed, our specialists have years of experience in producing everything from live TV broadcasts, to livestreaming events for social media channels. Our state-of-the-art outside broadcast unit was built in June 2016 and features all the latest gadgetry to make a top production. For more on what we can provide, just visit us at http://overexposed.tv, give us a call on 0208 226 4073 or drop us a message at mail@overexposed.tv.