Outside Broadcast Services: What Are They?

Outside broadcast services are now more accessible than ever. Previously the domain of traditional broadcasters and big screen productions, the number of platforms available to individuals, business and organisations today means that live broadcasts are now a reality. This has benefited everyone from conference planners looking to reach absent attendees to organisers of less supported sports that would be near impossible to get on TV.

A big part of this success is the availability of outside broadcast (OB) solutions. Notoriously known as one of the most difficult productions to pull off, an outdoor broadcast comes with all sorts of pitfalls that aren't a problem in a studio setting. This is also true of any outdoor live stream broadcasts on the web. Whereas in the past much OB was relayed back to a production studio via satellite, today’s OB units and trucks allow a production to be crafted from start to finish purely from an on-site production hub. This mobile control room can pick up multiple camera feeds and audio signals, before processing, recording, encoding and transmitting this content to a platform (such as Facebook Live or YouTube). This is something that one person and their smartphone couldn't possible achieve and allows the creation of truly professional and polished live streams that would be fit for broadcast on television. But an OB unit isn't automated – it needs a number of skilled operators at the helm to make such a production work. The camera and audio equipment, the specialists and the OB units are generally provided by experienced outside broadcast companies.

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