Outside Broadcast Hire: The Benefits Of OB Vans

Outside broadcast hire is something that many organisations want to help promote an occasion or to aid in promoting a product announcement. Far from being constricted to a conference hall or room, an outside broadcasting (or OB) unit can allow a livestream to come from just about anywhere.

If an event you are running requires an outside broadcast because it is outdoors or is taking place in an arena, an OB unit can allow for a high-quality, professional grade stream to be broadcast – all from a truck. This includes the use of broadcast equipment such as multiple cameras and audio channels to create a truly cinematic livestream. Often when we think of livestreams, we can think of just a solitary camera (usually a smartphone); but outdoor broadcast vans allow a smooth high definition experience to be delivered to an audience. Most quality OB vans have been built not just with live streaming equipment in mind, but also traditional broadcast and film equipment too. For that reason, when you hire outside broadcast companies who use OB vans to deliver a livestream, you are likely to get a production that is on par with on-air television. These trucks can do this because they feature nearly everything that you would find in a studio setting such as professional cameras, monitors, switcher equipment and auditory mixers. So if you want a high-quality production to go along with your high-quality sporting match or product launch, but don't have the facilities to house a production studio, a company providing livestream services from OB units is what you need.

At Over Exposed, we provide such top grade OB vans. Our modern vans come fitted with everything required to make your livestream perfect. Over Exposed is the specialist in delivering outside broadcast hire services. Every job, no matter how big or small, is approached with quality and professionalism in mind. Call us on 0208 226 4073, contact mail@overexposed.tv or visit http://overexposed.tv for more details today.