Outside Broadcast Companies: What Is An Outside Broadcast?

Outside broadcast companies are becoming more important in today’s technologically advanced society. More and more of the broadcasts that we watch are online rather than on television, and so companies skilled in outside broadcast services are in great demand. The term ‘outside broadcast’ refers to any programme (TV, video, live streaming, radio and so on) that is broadcast from somewhere other than the usual studio setting. It doesn’t have to come from outside, despite the name – ‘outside’ in this case just means beyond the confines of the usual studio. Outside broadcasts are often seen on the news when reporters are sent out to film something newsworthy, for instance.

Outside Broadcast: Can Outside Broadcasts Be Used In Business?

Although outdoor broadcasting is probably more familiar to you from such scenarios as television news or even live streaming on the internet, did you know that it can be used to boost business as well? Using good live streaming companies at conferences and exhibitions offers exceptional connectivity with clients, and provides them with information about your business. Hiring an OB company for all manner of events from streaming educational seminars to conferences, or showcasing product launches, will enable you to reach a much wider audience than you would otherwise have been able to do. Any event that you arrange will necessarily have a number of physical restrictions, not least of which is location. That will prevent some people from benefitting - and you from benefitting from them in the long term, too. By using an outside broadcast company to create a live stream or video, you can bypass those problems. Anyone with the right access will be able to view the video if they have a good internet connection. Even if they are unable to watch it live, you might choose to make it available as a download, for example, enabling an even larger audience to see it. No one needs to miss out. Alternatively, you can make your broadcast available as a one-time only event. Marketing this in the right way will give your business an exciting edge, and make your broadcasts ‘must see’ events. With a further push on social media, these events could cause quite a stir and gain you many new customers.

How To Broadcast Live Events Such As Festivals

There are many opportunities to broadcast live events, and festivals are certainly something that can benefit from this treatment. But when organising the outside broadcast of a festival, there are some specific requirements that will need to be taken into account. This includes having different teams in different areas if there is more than one stage. If you do not do this, and have just one team, you will miss out on much of the action, and your audience will only receive a small proportion of what they assumed they would see. You will also need to think about the sponsors of such an event. They will want to ensure that their name is noticed, and it might be worth organising a meeting with them beforehand to discuss what can and can’t be done. This is similar to when thinking about security staff. For safety reasons, security staff at large events may not be allowed to be filmed, and in order to have permission to live stream, you will often be asked to sign a disclosure or waiver to guarantee this. The company supplying the live broadcasting services will need to be informed of these challenges and any other restrictions before they begin their broadcast. Offering the live broadcast of a festival, despite the difficulties, can be a good way to build a bigger audience, who may even go on to buy tickets for other events you hold. Over Exposed can offer solutions to challenges such as the above and more; and produce excellent quality live outside broadcasts.

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