Outdoor Broadcasting: A Short History

Outdoor broadcasting is one of the most difficult productions to get right. Lighting, weather, the public - such factors can greatly improve or drastically reduce the quality of the content produced during such a process. But with an experienced team and high-quality equipment on-board, a terrific outdoor broadcast is possible.

More and more businesses look to production companies to provide live outside broadcast solutions for festivals, sporting events, conferences and more. However, Facebook Live and YouTube were far from even being conceived when the first outdoor broadcasts were being made. The first outdoor broadcasts took place in Alexandra Palace in 1936. Far from the days of having mobile production units or wireless, this process involved a camera being taken out into the park while still connected to the studio via a 1,000ft cable! Can you imagine the snags that caused? Such was the difficulty of broadcasting content outdoors at the time. Yet the BBC created a programme using this technique – a gardening show featuring a gentleman named C. H. Middleton – first broadcast to the UK during November 1936 and continuing until the suspension of television during wartime from 1939. It led to many events held elsewhere in London coming, in part, to Alexandra Palace. Soon the BBC would commission the first 'scanner' (today's OB units) from Marconi. King George VI's Coronation, Wimbledon and many more events were then being transmitted live by the BBC using mobile production units. Broadcasters paved the way for the modern OB units used by outside broadcast companies today.

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