Livestream Event: How To Do It

Livestream event maybe something that you've been thinking about doing for an event that your organisation or business is putting together. However, you're not really sure where to begin with the whole process. In this article, we talk you through what you'll need and how to achieve the best livestream possible.

First of all, you need to decide where to stream. For those who don't know much about event streaming, it's likely you don't have an internal platform or third-party platform for livestream purposes. For the sake of ease, you could use an accessible platform such as YouTube or Facebook Live. This is where your live video will appear. But in order to actually have any video at all, you need to have a camera, as well as audio solutions. In order to stream via a camera that is not a webcam, you're going to need a capture card installed on your computer to convert the camera image to streamable content. For audio, you can either use a camera's internal microphone or buy a specific microphone. However, if you are looking to put together an outside broadcast, be aware of factors like wind. Then, in order to ensure that your content looks great on your specified platform, you need to make sure it has been properly encoded and compressed. For this, you will need more software. Live streaming can become even more of a headache when you introduce multiple cameras and multiple audio feeds.

The whole process of hosting a live stream can be complex. It's exactly why you shouldn't risk it if you're not a professional. You can find the professionals at Over Exposed. We are experienced in offering livestream event services using platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube, UStream and more. To find out more about us, visit To talk to our support team today, just phone 0208 226 4073 or contact