Live Webcasting Services: Why You Should Always Bring In The Professionals

Live webcasting services that offer professional live streaming solutions should always be consulted by businesses who are looking to run live streaming or webcasting. With modern technology allowing for the ability to easily live webcast from just about anywhere, we can be fooled into thinking that we can cut out the 'middle men'.

That's no problem if you are live streaming to a friends and family on Facebook; but doing this for corporate purposes will just make your organisation look amateurish and cheap. It's easy to webcast over 3G or standard Wi-Fi, but what if these services cut out? You'll lose your whole live stream and viewership in seconds. A webcast company can provide their own high-powered networking solutions to ensure your live stream never fails. A high-quality, high definition livestream that has been properly calibrated will look a million times better than anything a webcam can offer. To do that, you need to experiment with factors such as lighting, the placement of a camera, audio solutions, encoding software, and so on. This takes a lot of effort. Alternatively, you can bring in live media professionals who have the experience and qualifications to do this with ease. They can see any problem before it develops and have the ability to offer quick-fire solutions to any technical hiccups that may occur during a stream. Don't have the space to fit in a production team to the venue? No problem. A good live stream service will be able to provide an outside broadcast (OB) production truck that can be parked close to the venue.

It's what we can offer at Over Exposed. Our webcasting and live streaming veterans have helped produce shows for the likes of the BBC, Endemol and even live webcasting services for football clubs such as Arsenal and Chelsea. You won't find a better live stream production team in London. To book us, give us a ring on 0208 226 4073, contact or visit