Live Streaming Services Can Drive Engagement

Live streaming services are well worthwhile if you are looking to drive customer engagement and create brand exposure for your business. This is because such productions can allow you to connect with customers in a way that is perceived to be more 'real' and more accessible than traditional advertising.

It may be obvious, but by streaming well-produced content, you improve the chances of increasing your audience. And a larger audience offers a better chance of converting a decent percentage into paying customers. Another obvious benefit is brand exposure. By streaming content that is educational and/or entertaining, you can easily drive brand exposure into viewers who may not have even heard of your business. Live streaming can also drive urgency into your audience. Many online customers are far more savvy at ignoring or even blocking advertising today, so businesses need to think of new ways to engage customers that are more direct and less overexposed. A live stream can offer people “limited” offers that may be exclusive to the live stream and only for the duration of the stream. It's exactly how shopping channels such as QVC and the like have continued to prosper over the years. The great thing about live streams is that they can be broadcast on multiple platforms. Facebook Live? YouTube? Ustream? Well, why not all of them? With today's technology and the right team driving your content, this is possible. But in order to get a webcast right, you need live streaming companies that offer terrific production values to impress an audience. This is especially true if you need an outside broadcast.

At Over Exposed, we produce terrific content for our clients every day. Whether it's for the BBC, Endemol, Chelsea or Arsenal FC, we always bring our A-game. We offer both live streaming services and production for traditional broadcast. To learn more about our live stream services, please visit, contact or give us a call on 0208 226 4073.