Live Streaming Provider: YouTube Live, Facebook Or Another Platform?

Live streaming provider of webcast services is something that needs to be decided by every company that has an interest in live streaming an event. This comes in the form of two tiers: choosing the actual platform to which this is streamed (such as YouTube or Facebook) and finding the right production team to make a professional stream.

First, let's cover the platform. Live streaming has grown in prominence over the past five years. But the growth of live streaming has attracted a whole host of large players to the party. Facebook and Google are throwing their weight behind live streaming alongside established players such as YouTube, Livestream and Ustream. So which one should you throw your weight behind? Facebook brings with it a familiarity to most people. Both YouTube and Facebook feature push notification – meaning that those who respectively subscribe or like your pages on these platforms – but people are more likely to visit Facebook than YouTube on an everyday basis. The potential for maximising a user base on Facebook is, therefore, most appealing. However, unlike YouTube, Facebook posts are not indexable – making them harder to search for on search engines. So there are benefits and drawbacks to every hosting service, and that includes UStream and LiveStream. However, with the right live streaming companies on-board, you needn't worry about choosing a platform. The right production team can not only broadcast to all platforms simultaneously, but can also offer solutions for difficult scenarios such as outside broadcast streams.

These are just some of the solutions that we can provide at Over Exposed. We have dedicated encoders for each major live streaming provider (Facebook, YouTube, UStream, LiveStream, etc.), and our experienced team have extensively filmed both on-demand and live content for both traditional and web-based broadcasts. For more, just visit us at You can get in touch with us at our London offices on 0208 226 4073 or via