Live Streaming Production Challenges

Live streaming production of a high quality is definitely not easy. Despite how easy it is to live stream today from even a mobile device, actual quality productions are still very difficult to get right. As most businesses don't have the luxury of getting away with producing content that appears sub-par, this means that you need to find a production company to help handle the live stream.

There are many benefits to getting a live stream right. From a marketing perspective, you can control the message you are sending regarding your event or brand, and it can engage your current audience as well as drive new clients. But as mentioned, there are challenges. Firstly, you need to understand your potential audience. What benefits will they receive from seeing an event live streamed? Despite the ease of being able to webcast, there is still plenty of technical set-up required – and that's without even considering video and audio production set-up. A live stream that goes wrong or leaves viewers with a blank screen can be disastrous for your organisation. So you need to find a production team to handle your live stream that has the experience and know-how to both avoid and negate any technical hiccups. While it is possible to employ an in-house production team and buy in the necessary equipment, this obviously comes with a high price. If your company is on a tight budget, this isn't really possible. Thankfully, there are live streaming companies out there that can provide both inside and outside broadcast solutions when needed.

At Over Exposed, we are one of those companies. Our live streaming production is second to none in London and across the whole of the UK. It's why we are trusted by many high-profile broadcast clients such as the BBC and Endemol. But we're just as comfortable producing live streams for clients on YouTube, Facebook Live and other platforms. For more, visit us at, call 0208 226 4073 or contact