Live Streaming Of Events: Is It Beneficial To Business?

Live streaming of events is something that many businesses are utilising for the first time. However, there are some out there who will see this as nothing more than a 'flash in the pan'; and that businesses are merely getting into a fervour about new technology. After all, does it really provide a measurable benefit to businesses?

Actually, it does. Event streaming can deliver a number of potential benefits to a business when produced correctly. Firstly, live streaming can help you reach a far larger audience – including those who know little or nothing about your business. This is particularly true when you host live streams on your social media channels such as YouTube or Facebook, where the livestream can be shared and advertised to others. You can track these platforms to see how many viewers a live stream has, allowing you to measure the success of a particular broadcast. But for those viewers you do have, streamed video pushes urgency in an audience. For those selling a product, you could offer a special money off code via the stream, or advertise products or services to obtain new leads. If you are streaming an outside broadcast event that has a ticket price associated with it, then you could do the same for 'online' attendees. For years, paywalls have been accepted by the general public. For example, pay-per-view sporting events are, essentially, live broadcasts of sporting events that people have to pay to see. So there is a potential to create an extra source of revenue. Lastly, the potential to create engaging, quality content will increase the perceived value of your business.

These are just but a few of the benefits that can come from live streaming of events. But remember to use a professional production company to ensure the live stream exudes quality. The London-based Over Exposed team can provide you with just that. For more on our services, just visit us at, call 0208 226 4073 or contact