Live Streaming Company Should Use The Best Equipment

Live streaming company may be what you are searching for today. But your organisation, of course, shouldn't settle for just any production company that provides a live stream service for businesses. Despite the great chat that many potential producers can give you when pitching their services, you should still ensure they have the right equipment to do the job well.

A large part of that is the camera that is used. Many live streams can be filmed on mobile devices. That's great for people shooting for their own YouTube channels or for their personal Facebook pages; but when you're a business producing streamed content, people expect more than just shaky cam, smartphone quality footage. As a platform that will drive engagement and new customers, it is important to create a terrific first impression for viewers who are coming across your business or live streams for the first time. For this, you need professional equipment. An example of this is the Sony F55. It delivers stunning images by using its 8.9 megapixels Sony 4K image sensor – allowing your streams to be shot in HD, 2K or even 4K. This is the camera that is used in many top TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Outlander, Sense8 and more. Cameras are just but one aspect of delivering a quality live stream, though. As well as the right cameras and equipment, you need live streaming companies that can provide the right production values, service and set-up – particularly if it is for an outside broadcast.

Over Exposed is the right live streaming company to provide such solutions. Operating from London, we deliver terrific production values – whether we're producing content that will be seen on the BBC, or streaming for a client on Facebook Live. For more information on our services, please visit To have a chat with us about what we can provide for your organisation, just give us a call on 0208 226 4073 or email