Live Streaming Companies Move Into Social Media

Live streaming companies are in huge demand right now; but social media experts believes that this is a trend which is going to rocket in the coming years. Whether it’s an indoor or outside broadcast, those in the industry are predicting that videos and live streaming will eventually make up the vast majority of internet traffic. Social media doesn’t just connect users with friends or family, it’s increasingly become a way for businesses to reach out to their customers and engage on a far more interactive level. Here’s why social media has become so important for live streaming companies.

Making The Decision To Stream An Outside Broadcast Live

The ability to integrate live streaming services into social media is a relatively new phenomenon, with Facebook and Twitter only offering this from April 2016. However, despite this, it has already been an enormous success with some viral streams reaching the millions. The now-notorious Chewbacca mask which was on Facebook Live was viewed in excess of 160 million times, a dream achievement for any webcast company! Even the biggest global companies such as the BBC, Fox, Washington Post, ESPN and ITN have all experimented with live streaming onto social media to see which type of content received the best reception. But just because live streaming is possible doesn’t mean that it’s always right; and with an outside broadcast there may be factors which mean the quality could suffer as a result. Research shows that it’s imperative to make sure any live streams you choose to do are carefully selected; and that there’s a reason why offering the information live would be preferable to a simple video upload. In some cases, an audience may want to watch an event unfolding in real time, such as animal lovers viewing a pregnant giraffe who is due to give birth. In other cases, a live stream provides the ability for a more interactive experience, with the audience able to ask questions or comment on the feed as it occurs. Experts believe that the presence of either one of these factors makes a live stream a better option, even in more challenging conditions such as broadcasting from outdoors.

How To Make A Live Streaming Production A Social Media Success

Once you’ve made the decision to deliver a live streaming production, the next step is to decide how to ensure it reaches its full potential. There’s nothing more demoralising than going to the effort of creating a live stream only to discover that there are barely any viewers. Facebook offers a wealth of networking opportunities, and it’s possible to advertise in other groups and pages ahead of the event to create a buzz about the upcoming live stream services. In some cases, other businesses and brands will promote your event for you, in return for you advertising one of their products or pages. This can be an excellent way of improving your reach. Creating your own short teaser video is another method, as this will generate interest ahead of the live stream; particularly if you combine it with a countdown clock too. On top of your organic reach, Facebook also offers the chance for you to boost your post, which immediately guarantees you a much bigger audience for your pre-event marketing. It may seem obvious that a shorter live stream would be the most popular format, but research suggests that productions of an interim length fare much better. Between 20 and 40 minutes appears to be the optimum length for any live stream, as this provides audiences time to share the link and attract new viewers who may not have a previous connection to your page. Live streaming companies such as Over Exposed can help you to create professional content which hits the exact parameters you need.

Live Streaming Companies Such As Over Exposed Can Help You

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