Live Event Video Streaming Benefits Go Beyond Revenue

Live event video streaming has become extremely popular in the past five years – and even more so since the introduction of both YouTube and Facebook Live streaming capabilities. For a number of businesses, the trick is to learn how to explore this new capability and monetise it.

There are indeed ways to do this. After all, pay-per-view sporting events have been a thing for decades. And when it comes to music, the world-famous Coachella Festival in the United States has been live streaming an outside broadcast of the entire festival since 2011. Instead of reducing ticket sales, it has driven interest in attending. Now, tickets for the festival sell out in mere hours. But there are other ways in which event streaming can benefit a business or organisation. It can actually reduce the costs associated with hosting an event. When you consider the costs of lodging guests, travel expenditure, larger venue costs, meals and other expenditures, you can remove many of these costs by live streaming. This can give potential attendees the chance to watch the event from home. This is particularly helpful in a conference setting where people are attending for the talks. This, in turn, can also reduce the carbon footprint of your event. Live streaming also offers organisations the chance to connect with their audience and drive brand engagement by offering interactive Q&A sessions between key figures and those watching at home. So it's clear that there are a number of benefits to live streaming an event.

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