Live Event Companies: Should You Buy Or Rent Video Production Equipment?

Live event companies today have more ability than ever to stream content from their events. Previously, companies were restricted to working with traditional broadcasts. Today, live streaming has created a different landscape. For example, it would have been hard to get water polo on television previously, but today it is possible to live stream events widely for a reasonable cost.

But a big conundrum for many potential live streaming companies is whether or not they should rent or buy the production equipment to make for a successful live stream. Well, the obvious problem with buying gear is the cost associated with such equipment. While it is possible to stream from mobile devices, the quality and reliability of this method will not give viewers a professional vibe. For a successful production, you need more than just a camera – you need the likes of dollies, camera lenses, lights and so on. And you need to find storage space for it too. Not only that, but any repairs, maintenance and insurance for the equipment will cost your business too. So the benefit of rental services is clear to see. But it's also more advisable to seek the services of a video production company who can handle the live event's stream. Even though you may have a talented team with experience of producing on-demand content, live streaming is a whole different ballgame. Things can go wrong and need to be corrected fast – especially if it is an outside broadcast. If your team is inexperienced when it comes to live streaming, it can give a bad impression to potential viewers and customers.

Not to worry - Over Exposed is here to help. Our production team has vast experience in producing content for clients via live streaming on platforms such as Facebook Live, YouTube and Ustream for live event companies – both indoor and outdoor. For more, get in touch via, by calling 0208 226 4073 or by visiting