Live Broadcasting Services: Costs Versus Revenue

Live broadcasting services can open organisations up to a whole level of exposure that just was not possible a decade ago other than via TV advertising, selling TV rights of an event or landing spots on magazine TV shows. Now, with the continuing growth of online content, it has never been easier to deliver content to a live audience.

However, there is a cost to live streaming. Procuring or renting the video and audio equipment can be a setback, and then there is the expense of contracting or hiring operators and specialists to work this equipment. While a live stream can be performed by a smartphone, the quality and production values can end up doing more harm to your brand than good. However, the benefits of running a professionally produced live stream can be immense. It may be possible to monetise a recording of an event or even re-sell it onto other broadcasters. Footage can even be edited into a highlights package which TV and radio stations may be keen on picking up. For an outside broadcast, such as a music festival, there is always the possibility of offering a sort of 'e-ticket' for those who couldn't attend in-person. For a sports event, viewers are cognisant of the pay-per-view (PPV) concept and this may also provide revenue. Past direct revenue provided by a live stream, there are other ways in which it can benefit your organisation. The production of quality content can alter the perception of your company amongst an audience, and it can also drive brand awareness. Lead generation, due to urgency that a stream can generate, is another benefit. So if you are considering live streams, definitely look to outside broadcast companies to help with this.

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