3 X 150w Dedolight Kit Hire from just £30/Day.

  • Head can operate 12v or 24v with cable accessories
  • Continuous dimming from Maximum to minimum

The dedolight system is in our opinion the best quality and most versatile compact ‘hard’ lighting system that money can buy – No other system features dedolight’s unique optics which allow the beam to be focused so accurately that you can project crystal clear gobo shadows onto your subject.

Because dedolights are 12v / 24v volt they can also be used as camera lights, powering directly from the camera battery or a battery belt – We even supply a great soft-box for the dedolight which helps a dedolight to deliver a beautiful soft light – perfect as a camera-top fill.

Furthermore, because dedolights are so compact a complete 3 head kit with dimmers and stands fits into a small soft carry case. Perfect for cameramen and DOP’s who are on the move!.



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