Event Streaming: Live Event Streaming Is The Future

Event streaming may not be something you have ever considered for your business or even personal events before, but should you start to think about it? So much takes place online these days - on social media, through websites and more. And setting up an outside broadcast to send your event directly to thousands of people who aren’t in attendance can definitely help you in many, perhaps surprising, ways. And it doesn’t even have to be difficult to organise with a good outside broadcast companies behind you. So what are some of the best and most important reasons for you to live stream your event?

Outside Broadcast: Why More People Should See Your Live Event

You might put on a fantastic event, but using traditional means of promotion means that only the handful of people who are in attendance will benefit from it. That’s fine, but it is not going to see you maximise the revenue from your investment in the day for you and your business. Event streaming, on the other hand, will; because many others will have access to the event too. Live streaming events online, simply put, increases the number of people who can see what is happening. Why is this good? Because the more people who can access and view your event remotely, the more people will know about it. This is not just in terms of those who watch on the day or subsequently, but also the people they tell as a result. Potentially, streaming a live event can reach many thousands more. This increases knowledge of your brand and your business. Viewers may pass word onto other business acquaintances or friends and may share the stream online, creating interest in this and future events, so that the next promotion you stage will be bigger. The statistics on live streaming events offer telling evidence in this respect. Up to 30 percent on those people who attended a streamed event went on to buy tickets to the next physical event held by the same organisers. Also, you can live stream your event directly to your sponsors’ websites, if you have them. This is the perfect way to ensure that they know they are getting their money’s worth, and can be a significant source of revenue.

More Reasons To Broadcast Your Event Live

There are many more reasons for you to broadcast your event live. The major ones are that it will save you both time and money. Any kind of live event or big business meeting requires a significant investment of resources on the organisers’ part. For example, the key to any event’s success is ensuring that you have the right people in attendance. Issuing invitations, chasing up responses and sending reminders all costs in terms of time, money and effort; as does catering, organising transport on the day, and so on. Speak to a professional broadcast company that is skilled at the live streaming of events and that becomes less of an issue. Attendees can watch online from home or their offices, for example. In business, thousands of pounds can be saved by live streaming a meeting or conference to would-be attendees who live far away or in other countries. Instead of flying them in, event streaming broadcasts means they can be involved without having to leave home. Live streaming a meeting allows many more people to be in attendance virtually, boosting potential income, and allowing for more business opportunities. And, of course, the live stream can be recorded and archived, so that there is no need to produce detailed minutes; and individuals who were not available on the day can still view events and contribute afterwards. But it is critical that you use an experienced professional broadcast company such as Over Exposed to make sure your live stream is both professional and accessible.

When You Need Event Streaming, You Need The Experts At Over Exposed

These are just a few reasons to organise event streaming. Your only job now is to source that professional, experienced outside broadcast company; and that’s why you should come to Over Exposed. Our website, http://overexposed.tv, offers an insight into what we do and why we do it. It will give you ideas and advice regarding your own event and how to organise a successful broadcast of it online or further afield. To find out even more, you can call us on 0208 226 4073, or email mail@overexposed.tv. Our experienced, friendly team is on hand to answer all of your questions, and to give you costings.