Event Streaming Company Is A Requirement For A Quality Live Stream

Event streaming company solutions are a must if you want to deliver a quality live stream of an event that your organisation is running. With the mass-market availability of devices that can stream with the touch of a button, we can be fooled into thinking a live stream is easy to put together.

It can be, but note how we didn't say 'a quality live stream is easy to put together'. Take the example of looking to have a sporting event filmed for YouTube Live or Facebook. Preparation doesn't start with setting up the cameras – it comes from putting together in-game graphics to display teams and match scores. For that, you're going to need data about the teams and their players, or for individual athletes. Then before any event streaming, you should take in your surroundings. Will this be an outside broadcast stream? If so, what is the weather going to be like? Doe the filming crew need to be outfitted with protective gear? Then there's equipment. We're not just talking about webcams; we're talking about multiple HD cameras that are being fed into an outside broadcasting (OB) unit or a PPU (portable production unit) to allow for a multi-camera feed. Then, there are mics to pick up the sound on the field which have to be connected to an audio mixer. In addition, you need to have a director and a production team on-hand to ensure the shots are full of fast-paced action, and to ensure that a good quality stream is output onto the desired platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook.

This is just a fraction of the work that an event streaming company will do to ensure that a live stream goes smoothly. At Over Exposed, we have experience in a broad range of live productions – from BBC content to filming football matches featuring Arsenal and Chelsea. For more on our event streaming services, just visit http://overexposed.tv, call 0208 226 4073 or contact mail@overexposed.tv.