Event Live Streaming Services: What Is An Edit Decision List?

Event live streaming services are incredibly helpful in providing an attractive, professional webcast to help drive brand engagement, and as a way to create effective online lead generation. In the process of searching for a business offering streaming solutions it can be hard to understand the language if you aren't familiar with it on a day-to-day basis.

One such term is 'edit decision list'. An edit decision list (EDL) is something that is widely used in post-production processes when it comes to editing content. This list is essentially a breakdown of different shots and timecode data to allow editors to better navigate footage. What relevance could post-production possibly have for a live stream? Well, many businesses who are looking to hire live streaming companies to create live streaming of their events are likely not going to just stream the event and never come back to the footage. You may want to create highlight packages – particularly if you are streaming a sporting event. An EDL system can be particularly useful if multiple cameras are needed. The director can effortlessly timecode events during the streaming that editors will be able to easily refer to during any editing processes. This can dramatically reduce the time spent on editing such footage – particularly for live streams that can last many different hours. These sorts of techniques and tricks are what a professional production company can bring to live streaming. There's so much experience and expertise that a professional live stream production team can use to make your live streaming more successful – including techniques in how to deal with an outside broadcast.

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