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Dan TDM – 10 Camera Outside Broadcast

We were delighted when we were asked by Endemol to look after the Outside Broadcast facilities for the DVD recording of Youtube star Dan TDM. At first when they called we had no idea who Dan was, but after a quick google we came to realise that he’s a teenager creating Minecraft videos turning over hundreds […]

Bright Tangerine - Viv Mattebox
By Overexposed

Bright Tangerine – Viv Mattebox

I have been in the industry for almost 10 years now and for some reason I haven’t got round to buying a matte box. I live round the corner from another cameraman who has one so it’s always been convenient to nip round and pick his up whenever I need one However earlier this month […]

Lexar Professional 2933 XQD 2.0
By Declan

Lexar Professional 2933 XQD 2.0: Not Exciting but Necessary!

Another trip to the camera store has seen us come away with a set of new Lexar Professional 2933 XQD 2.0 128 GB memory cards. Not the most exciting purchase, but definitely necessary! The Lexar Professional 2933 XQD 2.0 is a high speed, performance card with a read transfer speed of up to 2933x or 440 […]

GoPro Hire
By Declan

Let’s Go with GoPro Hire

So I’m guessing pretty much anybody reading this post will know of, or at least heard of a GoPro. Nearly all the amazingly insane mountain biking trails, free dives, parachute jumps, deep water shark encounters, base jumps…. you’ve seen on YouTube will have been filmed with one! Well, you can now come to Over Exposed […]

By Overexposed

UEFA – EURO 2016 – Team Wales

Uefa/IMG are a big client of ours and we work together very closely throughout the year. Just before christmas we got an email asking us if we had any crew availiable to go out to work on the Euros. Naturally the answer was instantly a yes…! Several months later Russell Martin our MD/Lighting Camera Operator […]

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The Evolution of the Camera

Here we have a fun infographic from the people at the website called Easy Canvas Prints that provides information about the history of the camera. This timeline infographic starts off in 1500 when a pinhole was used to project an inverse image when light passed through the aperture and goes all the way though to […]