Best Way To Live Stream An Event? Hire Specialists

Best way to live stream an event is something that you've likely searched for today. You're not alone. Many businesses and organisations are now looking at ways to allow their conferences, sporting events or festivals to be streamed to a wider audience who may not be able to physically attend on the day.

But if you are really interested in putting together a professional live stream and don't want to film everything on a shaky camera smartphone, then you should definitely look into hiring an outside broadcast, event streaming specialist. This is because in order to create an effective live stream that keeps people engaged, you're going to need multiple cameras and audio sources. In order to navigate all of this, the right equipment and technology needs to be in place. Not only that, but it’s also desirable to be able to insert graphics on-screen to explain what is happening; to have brand logos on-screen; to name speakers at a conference; or to display the scores of a sporting event. Then you also need to output all of that together and encode it so that it works with the streaming platform of choice. This could either be an internal platform, or it could be a third-party, accessible platform such as YouTube or Facebook Live. Getting all of this right is near impossible for a beginner – even if they are being walked through the process. Problems can happen and you need experts on hand to deal with and correct them.

So the absolute best way to live stream an event is to hire the team at Over Exposed. Who or what is Over Exposed? We're glad you asked. We're specialists at providing broadcast and live stream solutions. Check out our website at Alternatively, if you'd like to talk to our team about how we can help you, just call 0208 226 4073 or contact