Arena Outside Broadcast: Opting For Rental Over Purchase Of Equipment

Arena outside broadcast is something that many venues and companies hosting occasions at venues use. It's a way of either reaching an audience that, for example, isn't attending a music festival in person by utilising livestreaming, or for the purposes of providing a traditional broadcast of a sporting event for TV.

Whatever the purpose is, companies need to decide on how they approach the production side of these broadcasts or livestreams. Do you have an in-house production team tackle the issue and buy the equipment; do you rent the equipment for an in-house team; or do you bring in an outside company with broadcast experience to handle the coverage? The first thing to keep in mind is the rapid acceleration of technology. Equipment can be out-of-date within a year or two, so buying equipment means having to make the most out of that purchase. If you rent, on the other hand, or have an outside company come in, the burden of keeping up-to-date isn't at your end. Also, the cost of keeping an in-house team on permanent or semi-permanent contracts can also be a considerable financial burden. Outside broadcast companies can come in at short notice and film the occasion with their own equipment – no long-term ties required for your organisation. Not only that, but such companies consistently handle complex filming operations, such as an outside broadcast. This ensures a professional job is performed with no worries needed over training new staff and the potential teething issues that arise from this process.

So if you need an arena outside broadcast, the best solution is to find a third-party production team. At Over Exposed, we have experience in handling high production livestreams for Facebook Live, as well as broadcast content for the BBC, and sporting events coverage of Chelsea and Arsenal. We also provide kit rental services. For more details, just visit us at, call 0208 226 4073 or email